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Substance addiction, mental illness, and behavioral health disorders are often as unique as the individuals they affect.

Residential Treatment

Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Destiny Recovery Center is located in the sun-kissed sanctuary of Redlands, CA. Our Community Integrated Treatment center has a California-meets-midwest-hometown-energy that promotes camaraderie, healing, and bliss. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, we might just be the place for them. Relying on substances like fentanyl, heroin, alcohol or simulates for relief causes changes in the brain’s chemistry that often requires detoxication and inpatient treatment in order to ensure lasting recovery.

No matter how desperately a person wants to stop using, the clinical data shows that withdrawal, triggers, and impulses often lead us down a destructive path without a chance at sobriety. To find out if Destiny Recovery’s inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center will be a good fit for you or a loved one, give us a call at 909-413-4304 or complete a web form submission.
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Care at Destiny Recovery Center

Our Southern California treatment center is secluded in the sun-kissed sanctuary of Redlands, where our clients are close to nature and can experience the transformative benefits of community. Our licensed clinicians, mentors, and support staff work with clients at both the individual level and in group sessions.

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Residential Treatment

Nutrition and Physical Exercise

We at Destiny Recovery understand that nutrition and exercise are a important part of recovery. Those suffering from the effects from drug addictions and trauma often suffer from poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise. Unhealthy eating and lack of movement can increase the chances of depression and anxiety and exacerbate mental health conditions you might already suffer from. Healing the body and mind is just one of the steps on a successful road to recovery. With that in mind, our kitchen staff creates healthy meals that promote wellbeing and sleep. We also have a physical fitness program to ensure our clients are staying physically active.

If you are a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and is in need of residential treatment services, please give us a call at Destiny Recovery. Our highly trained admissions staff are waiting for you.

Residential Treatment

Clinical Based Program

Here at Destiny Recovery Center we understand that quality treatment does not come in a one-size-fits-all box. Successful treatment is crafted, client focused, and individualized per client needs. After completing a thorough assessment and speaking with the clinical team, a individualized treatment plan will be created just for you!

At Destiny Recovery’s residential treatment program, our clients receive 40 hours of clinical programing while living in a large and secure home right in the community. This community integrated program allows clients to experience daily life activities, attend life skills groups, adventure in nature, all while under the supervision of the best clinicians in California. Success rates of traditional rehabs are low because they do not prepare the client for the real world. At Destiny Recovery, our clients are focused and ready to experience their new found life.

Our clients at Destiny Recovery benefit from the structure setting of treatment that includes stabilization, psychiatric care, medication monitoring, intensive individual and group therapy, skills development and increased ADLS.

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Our Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

At Destiny Recovery our Clients are provided with the following Services:

Self-Care and Life-Skills training all take place with highly trained clinicians, and behavioral health personnel that are dedicated to treating our clients with their psychiatric, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs under the direct care and supervision of our Health Care Practitioners.

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