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Substance addiction, mental illness, and behavioral health disorders are often as unique as the individuals they affect.

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Orange County and Addiction

Addiction Treatment in Orange County

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it might feel like you have nowhere to turn. Accepting your addiction and recognizing the need for help is a huge step forward. It takes so much courage and strength to even inquire about Orange County rehab services.

Unfortunately, so many people who struggle with addiction fail to get help because they let that fear hold them back. But you don’t have to do that. You can get help today at Destiny Recovery Center.

When most people think of Orange County, they think of the beautiful beaches and the popular tourist attractions. What they don’t think of are the problems with addiction. 

  • Over 5500 hospitalizations and 700 deaths occur yearly in Orange County because of substance abuse.
  • The most common cause of Overdose deaths are prescription drugs.
  • Hispanics in Orange County are twice as likely to die from an overdose than whites.
  • In Orange County, men are twice as likely to experience hospitalization or an overdose because of drug and alcohol abuse compared to females.
  • 67% of drug-related overdoses were from opioids.
  • Orange County has higher hospitalizations because of drug and alcohol abuse than almost all other counties in California. 

People who abuse prescription drugs and opioids like hydrocodone or oxycodone are at a high risk of accidental overdose and death. Without getting help for addiction, recreational use or self-medication with prescription drugs and alcohol can quickly become a debilitating addiction that affects the addict, their family, and their friends. 

Struggling with addiction? Let Destiny Recovery Center help.

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Care at Destiny Recovery Center

Our Southern California treatment center is secluded in the sun-kissed sanctuary of Redlands, where our clients are close to nature and can experience the transformative benefits of community. Our licensed clinicians, mentors, and support staff work with clients at both the individual level and in group sessions.

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The Pros of a Rehab Center Near Orange County

Benefits of Going to Our Drug Rehab Near Orange County

When you evaluate drug rehab in Orange County or alcohol rehab in Orange County, you have a lot of California rehab centers from which to choose. So why pick Destiny?

Higher Success Rate

One of the most significant risks of relapse is returning to or living in an environment that isn’t supportive and is full of temptation or triggers. Someone living at home might find it all too easy to walk down to their corner liquor market when they have a difficult day at work. Attending Orange County rehab centers brings with it a much higher rate of success. 

Living in an environment where friends and family don’t support the decision to get clean can make it difficult to attend therapy sessions regularly. Remaining at home without skills like trigger identification or stress management leaves you susceptible to hanging out with the same people with whom you did drugs or regularly drank instead of a network of supportive, sober friends.

Studies indicate that completing rehab in Orange County increases psychological well-being, improved social function, a better chance at maintaining a job and continuing to build a career, decreased criminal activity, and reduced risk of relapse.


We offer a team of compassionate and caring coordinators who can help you review the treatment options we provide. No matter your situation, we work hard to ensure you have the best treatment solution.

But we don’t stop there.

Rehab in Orange County shouldn’t end as soon as you graduate. Even if you stay at our Orange County rehab center for a year, you still need to ease into your transition back to normalcy, back to sobriety, and back to complete independence.

Where other Orange County drug rehab programs might give you a high five on your way out, we pride ourselves on being a top-notch boutique facility offering ongoing aftercare. Aftercare is critical to your continued education where mental health and sobriety are concerned.

Learning how to love yourself, love others, communicate openly, recognize your emotions, and avoid triggers are skills that take a lifetime to cultivate and refine. They are things you can learn during your Orange County rehab program, but they are things you have to practice day in and day out. Access to ongoing aftercare allows you to practice the skills with people who can help.

Reach out to Destiny Recovery Center at 909-413-4304 to learn how rehab in Orange County can help you today.

The Choice of Recovery

Why Choose Destiny Recovery Center

Our clinically based treatment center is designed with you in mind. As a new patient, we give you an initial assessment to make sure your treatment plan is individualized for your needs. Our structured setting gives you access to:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Medication monitoring
  • Group therapy
  • Skills development
  • Stabilization
  • Increased activities you can use for sober daily living

Individualized Care

Individualized care might be a term thrown around at other rehab centers in Orange County, but at our facility, it means treating you as the unique individual that you are and making sure we have a thorough plan for ongoing Residential Care that is in your best interest.

We don’t just do this arbitrarily. We conduct an initial assessment. Our staff helps this process by going over your physical health, mental health, previous problems with addiction or mental health disorders, current problems with addiction, and more.

Working with you

Having information like how much you use, how often, what substances you combined, and when you had your last dose or when you had your last drink gives us actionable information to create a program on which you provide some insight. 

Suppose you have tried rehab in the past at other Orange County rehab centers or tried to quit cold turkey, and it didn’t work out. In that case, that information can be integrated into your current plan so that you aren’t working with therapies or treatments that you know don’t fit who you are or what you need.

We are here to give you our complete focus and attention during your journey. With a small, intimate facility, our boutique setting exposes you to a natural and secluded environment where you have fewer temptations or stresses. As a smaller facility, our staff can dedicate more time to your needs and offer specialized therapy sessions, both individual and group. 

Personalized Treatment

When we say you get personalized treatment, we mean it. As a boutique facility, we are small, so each staff member can dedicate more attention to our patients. We aren’t overworked and struggling to provide just five minutes of our time; we give you all we have to help you recover.

Call Destiny Recovery Center to see which Orange County rehab centers might work best for you!

Insurance Can Pay for Rehab

At Destiny Recovery Center, we accept the following insurance:

Orange County Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Our Premiere Drug Rehab Near Orange County

At our Orange County drug rehab, you can expect a structured and organized inpatient treatment with activities and therapies that help minimize stress and provide you with a supportive environment. 

Being able to step back from your daily routine, your schedule or responsibilities at work and at home, and the triggers in your regular environment can set you up for a higher chance of success when you enter rehab. Being in a natural environment increases that chance of success as you have the opportunity to focus on yourself and your recovery while reaping all of the benefits of being in a natural setting. 

That is why our Southern California Treatment Center is located in a beautiful sanctuary of Redlands, keeping you close to nature and actively involved with a group of licensed clinicians, mentors, and support staff who care about your success.

Let Destiny Recovery Center help you start your drug rehab program in Orange County today. Contact us today to learn more about our inpatient and detox programs in Southern California.

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