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Substance addiction, mental illness, and behavioral health disorders are often as unique as the individuals they affect.


What to Expect From Addiction Treatment in San Bernardino County

Everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life, but sometimes fear gets in the way. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, getting help is one of the most important steps. Even recognizing the need for help takes a great deal of courage.

With rehab centers, San Bernardino county residents can get the help they need without judgment. San Bernardino county drug rehab programs come in many shapes and sizes, each customized to fit the needs of new patients at that moment. Destiny is here whether you have tried rehab before, tried a different type of outpatient program, or are asking for help for the first time. 

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With residential rehabs in San Bernardino county, you attend individual and group therapy daily. Your schedule is determined for you after your initial consultation. This helps you get the addiction and mental health treatment you need most.

Your treatment plan at rehab centers in San Bernardino County might include daily meetings with family therapists, licensed psychologists who can help you work through individual trauma, clinical social workers, and more. All of these specialists come together and work with people like clinical case managers, mindfulness counselors, psychologists, registered dietitians, and other practitioners in their field to design a stable daily structure that gives you the tools you will need to get back your independence and maintain your sobriety.

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Care at Destiny Recovery Center

Our Southern California treatment center is secluded in the sun-kissed sanctuary of Redlands, where our clients are close to nature and can experience the transformative benefits of community. Our licensed clinicians, mentors, and support staff work with clients at both the individual level and in group sessions.

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Types of Care at Our Drug Rehab Center in San Bernardino County

At our drug rehab in San Bernardino county, you get access to residential care and detox services in Southern California

Residential treatment or inpatient treatment is the best opportunity for people who need 24-hour supervision and support for severe addictions. Inpatient rehab facilities help you with drug or alcohol abuse. You live at the center full time and attend treatment daily. Using a non-hospital setting, you can stay for anywhere between 30 days and a few months at a time.

Residential or inpatient rehab comes with a higher success rate. Just choosing to get help means you are on the path toward a drastic, positive improvement in your life. Making that change might seem challenging, but inpatient rehab helps you overcome that challenge with multiple helping hands.


Detox is when you remove any remaining toxins from your body. Withdrawal symptoms can vary. Choosing to attend an inpatient facility gives you professional medical assistance during your withdrawal. 

  1. Opioid withdrawal can include vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, and high blood pressure. 
  2. Withdrawal from methamphetamine can include depression, anxiety, and fatigue. 
  3. Alcohol withdrawal might include tremors, seizures, muscle aches, and more.

Withdrawal can be unpleasant, dangerous, and even lethal if you don’t have the proper supervision. Thankfully, with an inpatient rehab center, you can detox in a safe place where your vitals are monitored regularly. Residing at a residential rehab facility means getting access to 24-hour help managing the symptoms and receiving medications to make you more comfortable during the process. Withdrawal symptoms can start as quickly as a few hours after your last dose and last up to 10 days.

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What Makes Destiny Recovery Center's Substance Abuse Treatment Different?

San Bernardino county drug rehab programs come with many benefits. 

Cost Savings Long Term

Comparing inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment, most people notice the cost. People looking for help might scoff at the high cost associated with a residential program compared to getting one or two therapy sessions per week and a quick detox.

But, the cost is there for a reason, and investing in your long-term physical and mental well-being isn’t something you should put a price on. That cost gives you access to a comprehensive treatment plan that is individualized for your situation and gives you the highest statistical chance of long-term recovery and lifelong sobriety. 

Studies indicate that the investment made in residential rehab can save you thousands of dollars for medical care, mental health services, and the cost of criminal activity in situations where no help is received.

Provided Structure

Inpatient Rehab offers 24-hour supervision, but it also gives you a much-needed structure. Drug and alcohol abuse can make it difficult to maintain any type of routine focused on your mental and physical well-being.

Having clear boundaries, a structured daily schedule, and accountability can help you develop willpower, stay true to your commitments, and regain some of your independence. 

Having a structured routine allows you to focus exclusively on getting healthy and staying sober. A demanding daily schedule eliminates a lot of downtime that might otherwise leave you with cravings.

An Opportunity to Build a Community

Drug and alcohol abuse brings feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and loneliness. You might feel as though you have let down your family, maybe some friends, and yourself and that you are the only one with these overwhelming struggles.

But that’s not true. 

You deserve to love yourself and to be loved. 

You deserve a supportive community around you, filled with people who want the best for you. 

If your home life or the friends and family with whom you previously associated don’t fully support your decision to get clean, residential treatment can give you access to people who share similar stories of success and struggle and who understand what it’s like to be misunderstood and feel guilty or isolated.

At a residential treatment center, everyone who stays at that facility understands the struggle of addiction. They can be there to help you. They can very likely become the people with whom you share sober activities and relationships long after you leave rehab.

A Chance to Focus on Yourself

Residential or inpatient rehab in San Bernardino county gives you a chance to free yourself from the obligations of your family, your friends, work, and even school.

It can sound selfish to extricate yourself from anyone and everyone who might need your help, but you can’t help people if you don’t first help yourself. That is why people with addiction need to learn how to care for themselves first before they can care for others.

Addiction treatment programs focus on getting you a successful and sustainable recovery, one that lasts. 

One reason for higher rates of relapse in outpatient treatment is that people attend therapy but have poor support at home, don’t have the ability to focus on overcoming their addiction, have a community full of triggers, or struggle with a dual diagnosis situation where they have a mental health disorder that isn’t being treated.

But with residential rehabs in San Bernardino county, you have a chance to address issues from your past and develop healthy habits for the future. You can do so in a structured environment of a supportive community. 

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Insurance Can Pay for Rehab

At Destiny Recovery Center, we accept the following insurance:


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At Destiny, we offer one of the best programs for rehab in San Bernardino County. If you are ready, don’t waste time evaluating other San Bernardino County drug rehab programs. We provide a top-of-the-line residential program complete with a wide range of therapies and treatment options.

Our team customizes each treatment program based on individual needs. Our initial assessment helps to determine which programs best fit your situation, whether you need medication-assisted detox, and how to set you up for success long-term.

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