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Substance addiction, mental illness, and behavioral health disorders are often as unique as the individuals they affect.

Addiction Treatment Near Kern County

Addiction Treatment Near Kern County

If you or someone you loved has struggled with addiction, it can result in feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and loneliness. Guilt over the damage wrought by things like bad communication, financial trouble, criminal activity, and other aspects of addiction can get in the way of people choosing the help they need.

But it shouldn’t. At Destiny Recovery Center we can help you get treatment when you decide it’s time.

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Care at Destiny Recovery Center

Our Southern California treatment center is secluded in the sun-kissed sanctuary of Redlands, where our clients are close to nature and can experience the transformative benefits of community. Our licensed clinicians, mentors, and support staff work with clients at both the individual level and in group sessions.

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When to Decide to Go to Treatment

Deciding to get help at a Kern county rehab center is incredibly brave. It takes strength even to consider it might be time for someone else to lend a hand in helping you become the best version of yourself.

No matter what has happened in the past, there is never a wrong time to decide to get treatment. When you decide to contact Kern county rehab centers is up to you. It can be the result of one or many factors like the following: 

Drug or alcohol usage is increasing. 

You might have started with just a small glass of alcohol at the end of the night, but now you have to drink an entire bottle to get the same effects. You might, similarly, have started out with just one prescription benzodiazepine, but now you have to take three or four, well beyond what your doctor prescribes. 

Frequency of drug or alcohol use is increasing.

As your brain develops a tolerance, you might develop a dependency, so you frequently take drugs and alcohol more often than you normally would in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. 

How often you think about using or getting drugs or alcohol is increasing. 

When using or drinking becomes your biggest priority, it’s usually a sign that you have a problem. When your brain starts to change and recognizes drugs or alcohol as an essential part of your everyday life, you might start to crave it. This means consuming drugs and alcohol feels necessary, something you prioritize above other commitments and responsibilities. 

You are hiding your substance use from those around you.

When you feel you have to hide your drug or alcohol use from friends and family, it’s a good indicator that you understand the severity of your situation. Trying to control your situation by lying to yourself or to others right results in covering up signs of how much you use or how often you use. This might mean going to a different bar every night of the week, so the people who see you regularly don’t recognize the extent of your problem. 

You have tried to quit or cut back or substance use, but failed to do so. 

If you’ve tried to cut back or stop entirely, but you can’t, it’s time to let someone else lend a hand. Many people don’t realize how quickly an addiction can form and at what point making boundaries or trying to justify actions is really just covering up a more serious problem. 

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Benefits Of Going To Our Drug Rehab Near Kern County

Going to Kern County rehab centers should be an informed decision. With Destiny, our Southern California rehab center is a small, boutique facility where we can dedicate more time and attention to each patient. We know how difficult it can be to ask for help, but we also know that our facility brings benefits that are worth overcoming your anxiety and fear. 

Better Success

Overcoming addiction means learning how addiction works, what triggers you on a personal level, what mental health issues or trauma may have contributed to your addiction, and which tools can be used when things get challenging.

Studies indicate that completing inpatient programs allows you to learn these skills slowly, address unresolved trauma or find medication to help manage mental health disorders.

Completing an inpatient program allows you to slowly integrate these skills into your daily routine until you can regain your Independence and make better choices that reflect the person you want to be. 

Improved Health

Regular drug and alcohol use can cause your body to lose vital nutrients. It can leave you struggling with sleep problems, headaches, and overall fatigue. But drug rehab centers in Kern county can give you balanced meals that help you reduce cravings and improve your overall mood.

Moreover, you often get access to physical activities, exercise programs, yoga, or meditation. Nutritional classes can work well for you right alongside things like basic cardio courses or mindfulness classes.

Exercise classes and yoga classes in Kern county drug rehab programs go a long way toward helping you boost your mood, feel physically strong, build social networks with people who are participating in the courses alongside you, and learn the vital lesson that discomfort can be temporary and it leads to improvement and growth long-term. This helps you recognize that temporary discomfort like cravings or stress in your daily life can be overcome; when you overcome it, you reach a much better state. 

Take the next step with Destiny Recovery Center. 

Insurance Can Pay for Rehab

At Destiny Recovery Center, we accept the following insurance:


Why Choose Destiny Recovery Center

Destiny Recovery Center is one of the top choices for Kern county rehab centers because of our residential care and aftercare. 


Destiny Recovery Center will start you off with an initial evaluation and detox. If, for example, you are searching for alcohol rehab, your detox program might include FDA-approved medications and medically managed Detox Services. In these situations, the medications you are given can help reduce the risk of severe complications during your withdrawal and reduce cravings long after you finish your initial detox.

Destiny Recovery Center provides over-the-counter and basic prescription medications to ease any discomfort and keep you as comfortable as possible during your withdrawal symptoms. Your initial assessment helps our team determine exactly what symptoms we can anticipate during your detox based on what substances you have used in the past.

Residential Care

After an initial assessment, our team works to create a customized Southern California treatment plan for you taking into consideration your current physical and mental health as well as the substances with which you struggle most. If, for example, you are struggling with an underlying mental health disorder like depression, we can customize a program for you that includes individual and group therapy as well as an opportunity for medication management or symptom management for your depression.


Where other Kern County rehab centers fall short is the lack of aftercare. We pride ourselves on offering aftercare services so that long after you graduate from your residential program, you get access to supportive services on a regular basis.

Aftercare might extend to:

  • Help to get a job
  • Access to educational resources
  • Information on local AA or NA groups
  • Suggestions for sober activities
  • Connections to community members who are also in recovery

You shouldn’t feel isolated and alone after finishing your residential program. You should feel fully supported and confident on your path to recovery.

If you are ready to start rehab at Kern county rehab centers, call Destiny today!


Our Top-Rated Drug Rehab Near Kern County

While other Kern county rehab centers might focus exclusively on quick partial hospitalization, fast detox services, or cheaper outpatient models, our top-rated drug rehab near Kern County is a boutique facility nestled in a stunning natural environment. All of this gives you the opportunity to step away from the triggers and stress of your daily environment and focus all of your efforts on turning your attention Inward and rebuilding who you once were. 

Contact Destiny Recovery Center to learn more about our inpatient addiction treatment in Southern California.

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