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What a Disability Rating Means for Veterans

What a Disability Rating Means for Veterans

What a Disability Rating Means for Veterans

As a veteran, you have likely encountered disability ratings and wondered how they would impact your life. Disability ratings are part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) compensation program which offers financial and other benefits to veterans. Explore what a disability rating means for veterans as well as its determination process as well as which benefits might apply to you and your recovery at Destiny Recovery Center.

What Is Disability Evaluation Rating?

Disability ratings are determined by the Veterans Administration for veterans with disabilities related to their service. The rating reflects both the severity and any compensation you might qualify to receive from the disability. This complex rating system uses factors like the nature and extent of the injury as well as its impact to determine this percentage rating of disability for each veteran. Disability ratings do not indicate your diagnosis or ability to work but serve as an assessment of how a disability impacts daily life. It is a way to help provide compensation for the injury or disability.

What Is Involved in the Disability Rating Process?

To assess your disability rating, the VA will perform an in-depth examination of your medical history. The injuries you have obtained while serving will be observed as well. They may choose to order additional exams or tests in order to better assess your disability status.

The VA utilizes a system of codes and criteria to assess disability levels. Higher percentages indicate more severe disabilities. Their rating system takes into consideration various aspects, including the severity of the disability. When considering eligibility, the VA takes into account both the severity and frequency/duration of flare-ups or exacerbations of symptoms.

At the VA, they will assess how your disability impedes daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating. Understanding how your daily activities are affected can help them to further assess the extremity of the disability to appropriately compensate. They may also evaluate how your disability has an effect on your ability to work, including any restrictions in performing your current role. If you have any secondary disabilities related to your service, this will be accounted for as well.

Benefits Obtained From Disability Rating

If the VA has granted you a disability rating, there may be various benefits available that could assist your recovery. The following are some of these benefits and how they may assist your recovery needs:

  • Disability compensation: This is a tax-free payment that offers financial support to veterans with service-related disabilities. Your eligibility depends upon both your disability rating and any dependents that live with you.
  • Healthcare benefits: If your disability is related to military service, the VA may provide healthcare benefits, including access to medical care, prescription drugs, and mental health services.
  • Education and training benefits: If your disability is related to your service, the VA may offer educational and training benefits such as tuition assistance, vocational rehabilitation services, and career counseling services.
  • Home loan benefits: You may also qualify for home loan benefits through the VA. These may include low-cost loans to purchase, build, or improve homes.
  • Life insurance benefits: The VA may provide life insurance benefits which include coverage for both yourself and any dependents living with you.

Keep in mind that eligibility for these benefits depends on a range of criteria related to both disability ratings and your length of service. Each benefit must be applied for individually. There may be additional requirements to be eligible to receive some of these benefits.

How to Increase Your Disability Rating

If the VA has assigned you an incorrect disability rating, but that rating fails to accurately represent its severity, there are steps you can take to increase it. Below are a few strategies and suggestions on how you can increase your disability rating.

Gather Evidence

If you possess new evidence that supports your claim for an increased disability rating, ensure that you provide this information to the VA in order to strengthen your case. This evidence may include medical records or doctor’s notes related to your injury or disability. Doing this may result in receiving an upgrade on your rating from them.


If your condition has worsened since being evaluated, you can request a reevaluation with the VA. Having a chance to reevaluate the severity of your disability could result in an increased rating, potentially increasing the benefits you are able to receive.

Filing an Appeal

If you disagree with the VA’s decision regarding your disability rating, filing an appeal could result in a higher disability rating if successful. The process can be complex and time-consuming but could give your claim greater attention from VA officials. It is worth the stress if you are able to increase the benefits you are able to receive. 

As a veteran, you have given so much to our nation. Therefore, it is imperative that you receive all of the support and benefits due to you. If you are working through disabilities related to your active service, make sure you investigate your eligibility for compensation. Utilize all of the benefits that you can while working through your addiction at Destiny Recovery Center.

If you are a veteran with a service-related disability and feel that your disability rating does not accurately reflect the severity of your condition, don’t hesitate to take action. Follow the tips outlined in this article to increase your disability rating and access the benefits and compensation you deserve. Remember, you have sacrificed for your country, and it is important that you receive the support and resources you need to lead a fulfilling life after your military service. Reach out to a veterans service organization or the VA for guidance and support as you navigate the process of increasing your disability rating. To learn more, reach out to Destiny Recovery Center at (909) 413-4304.