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Reasons Why Sobriety Is Rising in Popularity

Reasons Why Sobriety Is Rising in Popularity

Reasons Why Sobriety Is Rising in Popularity

The number of deaths witnessed each year due to overdose has scared many into sobriety. Friends, younger and younger, are losing their battle with addiction. Going out and partying, and trying new substances, has become extraordinarily more risky and deadly than it once may have been. People are choosing healthier lifestyles, trying to save themselves and their personal health while not being shamed for it.

Attending a treatment program for substance use disorder (SUD), mental health support, or both is now something to be proud of. People of all backgrounds, and all circumstances, are finding themselves in need of extra intervention in their lives. Times have been rough the last few years for everyone. Seeking help is something to be celebrated. Destiny Recovery Center (DRC) is ready to help you or a loved one celebrate and join the recovery community.

The Trend Is Shifting

There used to be this stigma for those who stopped using or drinking. The popular ones were partying and staying out all night, doing things that they thought everyone should be doing, and encouraging by using peer pressure to join in. However, there is this new crowd emerging. People in sobriety are starting to use their voices and share that “The cool kids are sober.” They are spreading the word in hopes of saving their fellow brother or sister.

Witnessing people in public positions share their experiences, strength, and hope and encouraging others to join them is a considerable shift for those in recovery. There are now TikTok stars, celebrities, Instagram influencers, and more who are open about their journey in recovery. Addiction has become life or death for many. The solution must be shared. After witnessing so many lives lost, especially so young, people are getting serious about how deadly “too much” can be.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers Recovery and Recovery Support which includes information for those in the community, up-to-date information for those in the profession, and resources for those in recovery. This was created to ensure that the best possible care for those seeking assistance with a substance abuse issue is available and accessible.

Recovering Outloud: Sobriety Is Not a Secret

Recovering Outloud has become a campaign seen across social media platforms. Those who used to be fearful of being shamed for their “issues with alcohol or drugs” are now being supported and are finding pride and strength in sharing their stories. They are sharing to hopefully save the life of another. Being near the brink of death themselves, they want nothing more than to pull their loved ones out of the hell they were also once in.

Anonymity is not lost, however. Some choose to keep their journey in recovery private. That is the beauty of the current recovery communities. There is now a choice. Those who choose to remain anonymous are continuing to spread hope and demonstrate what long-term sobriety looks and feels like. Those who wish to share their recovery journey within their community are also supported in doing so. Acceptance of those and their personal choice is embraced and respected.

National Recovery Month is in September every year. Local organizations will promote events, speakers, and meetings to celebrate recovery all over the United States. As the month approaches, updates are made on SAMHSA’s website, including current events for the coming celebration. There are also links to other social media platforms where one can share their story or simply share sobriety awareness.

Destiny Recovery Center and Sobriety Awareness

DRC works closely with the local community and is visible at events that may attract more people into the recovery family. We represent the key features those looking into a treatment center need. From evidence-based treatment and individualized care, incorporating a holistic approach throughout all of our therapies, preparing clients for aftercare, and staying sober in a community setting, DRC has the ability to meet the needs of each client who enters our facility.

This all promotes sobriety awareness, as those who complete treatment with great success in long-term sobriety will continue to share their experience, strength, and hope with others. When this happens, others are likely to want what they see in this person. They want to be free as well. This opens the doors for those needing support with their substance abuse in a way that is not demanding but inviting.

DRC’s staff is exceptional in our ability to connect with clients and make them feel at home. The compassion and understanding demonstrated within our facility nurture lifelong connections in recovery. The recovery community is growing, and it is getting louder and more visible. The main goal is to save lives and save people from their struggles. DRC offers a great place to start, a safe space to create a strong foundation for sobriety.

Sobriety has become much greater than the secret individual’s kept because they got mixed up in a bad situation, the one the family doesn’t speak of. Sobriety has now become a symbol of strength, hope, and power – a life of health, future, composure, and control. Destiny Recovery Center offers individualized programs to meet the needs of each person who walks through our door. We will support you in feeling confident about your journey in recovery. There is a strong community in recovery waiting to welcome you. If you or someone you know is living with substance use disorder, reach out to Destiny Recovery Center today at (909) 413-4304 to learn more about our treatment program.