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Advantages of a Holistic Approach to Healing

Advantages of a Holistic Approach to Healing

Advantages of a Holistic Approach to Healing

A friend is dealing with issues of anxiety. They often have trouble sleeping, don’t feel comfortable in crowds, and sometimes struggle with panic attacks. Sometimes, they feel restless, have trouble concentrating, and deal with a lack of motivation. This friend is also diagnosed with diabetes and struggles to maintain control of it.

Over the years of trying to cope with these issues, they started using alcohol to assist with falling asleep and to cope with their anxiety in public settings. Eventually, the alcohol began causing problems in their daily life. These issues may have included problems with their relationships, medication complications, blood pressure issues, and diabetes care became uncontrolled.

How can this friend address their issue with alcohol when all of these other medical and mental health issues are also impacting them?

What Is a Holistic Approach?

A holistic approach to addiction treatment is when not only the symptom of substance abuse is treated. The whole person, including all of their symptoms, is treated and cared for. All of their medical and mental health concerns are reviewed, evaluated, and discussed.

Medical concerns are addressed by a health care professional who is aware of mental health and substance abuse concerns. A mental health professional will take into consideration substance abuse and medical issues. In addition, a substance abuse counselor is aware of medical and mental health concerns impacting the client.

Often these professionals will work together, including the client, to collaborate and create a treatment plan that meets the needs of the whole person. This team will continue to communicate throughout the person’s recovery to ensure that all care professionals are aware of any changes, progress, and possibly new information. The team will also ensure all goals are met near the end of treatment and collaborate to develop an aftercare plan.

Why Is It Important to Take a Holistic Approach to Treatment?

The importance of treating substance abuse with a holistic approach is that addiction is often, if not always, impacted by mental health and/or medical symptoms. If a person is struggling with a mental health issue that is unresolved or untreated, their success in recovery is significantly impacted.

Comparable to someone being treated for a wound without stopping the bleeding, it will be nearly impossible to heal. Likewise, success in sobriety would be equally unattainable without treating a medical diagnosis.

Including Mind, Body, and Spirit in the Treatment Process

When someone seeks treatment for substance abuse, there are characteristics, habits, memories, and intrusive thoughts that are all brought up during treatment. Sometimes, a mental health professional can assist with coping strategies, identifying strengths and concerns, and offering additional support when needed.

A mental health professional may deem medication necessary as a part of one’s treatment. All of these mental health interventions can promote the success of someone’s recovery.

A holistic approach to recovery also supports relapse prevention. Ensuring that everyone involved in the client’s care, even their primary care physician, is included in their treatment plan offers the most powerful support team for the person in recovery.

Destiny Recovery Center’s Approach to Holistic Treatment

At Destiny Recovery Center, the whole person is cared for. Our focus is treating each individual’s needs with a treatment plan that includes and addresses all parts of the client’s health.

Programs to Meet Specific Needs

At Destiny Recovery Center, we have professionals who specialize in physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, medical care, hypnosis, yoga, and more. We are sure to have the qualified specialty to support everyone’s recovery. We also specialize in programs for veterans, first responders, men, women, and the LGBTQ communities.

Including Clients in Care

Allowing clients to be a part of their recovery also means including them in creating their treatment plan. We also encourage clients to set their own goals. This will support their success and ensure their personal investment in progression.

Encouraging our clients to have some control over their recovery and make crucial decisions about their care contributes to the self-confidence and self-reliance that they may have been struggling with. The end goal for everyone is a healthy, positive recovery that is life-long.

Promoting Individuality

Destiny Recovery Center promotes individuality in every aspect of our treatment program, which embraces the holistic approach. This allows clients to gain exposure to various programs and decide which works best for them.

A client may try yoga for the first time here with us and find that their anxiety is significantly decreased. They may begin to use yoga not only to assist with their symptoms of anxiety but with their physical health as well. Then, at some point, they may also use yoga as a tool for their morning meditation in recovery.

The continued exposure to new opportunities and methods of treatment, with the support from staff, allows clients to determine what offers the most benefits for them as an individual. While being in a protected environment, having medical and mental health concerns addressed, and receiving a holistic approach to their treatment, Destiny Recovery Center offers treatment options for everyone.

If you or someone you know is struggling and seeking treatment for substance abuse, consider reaching out to a center that will focus on each individual’s specific needs. Destiny Recovery Center provides a holistic approach to care that will ensure all aspects of treatment are not only considered but also treated. We specialize in treating individual needs and are known for encouraging various treatment options to embrace each person and their unique recovery. Experienced staff that specializes in various medical and recovery backgrounds are on-site daily to support all aspects of your individual treatment plan. Reach out to Destiny Recovery Center today at (909) 413-4304 for more information on our program.