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Why Detoxing at Home Is Dangerous

Why Detoxing at Home Is Dangerous

Why Detoxing at Home Is Dangerous

The choice has been made. Finally, an individual has decided they were done. One day, they just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. They hit their bottom, dumped out the bottles, threw away anything that could trigger them, and took a deep breath. This will be their fresh start, and they want to start right now.

For some, recovery may have been something they only dreamed about. Others may have suddenly found the need for recovery in their life. Either way, deciding to step foot into the world of recovery is a life-changing decision. With this decision comes the commitment to being sober.

However, the beginning of recovery can be challenging. People may experience a wide array of uncomfortable symptoms once they stop using substances. This is known as withdrawal. Finding a professional detox center is crucial, as detoxing at home can be dangerous.

What Is Detox?

Some people don’t understand what is going on with their bodies during detox. It is possible to become confused and anxious, sick, and angry. Feelings come on quickly and fiercely. Often, emotions are difficult to control and are not a reaction to anything in particular.

Intrusive thoughts take over. The body becomes unpredictable, feeling tons of energy and then drained within seconds. Racing hearts, sweats, and panic settle in, and feelings of being lost and frustrated begin. Thoughts may creep in that tell them, “We can just try to sleep it off, right? That will work, won’t it? I will feel better in the morning.”

However, attempting to sleep through withdrawals or going “cold turkey” from certain substances at home can be incredibly dangerous. It is a shock to the system. Unfortunately, a person’s body has been through so much during their addiction that they cannot expect to suddenly stop and assume their bodies will magically be healthy again.

When detoxing, a person removes the substance they had survived on, and it is no longer being supplied. As a result, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Their mind may tell them all sorts of nonsense, not understanding that withholding the substance it has relied on for so long is good. They may be tempted to return to using drugs or alcohol to relieve themselves of their uncomfortable symptoms.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

When someone tries to detox at home, they may often be alone. Being alone during such a mental and physical change is never a safe situation. Withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol can become intense and even life-threatening.

The symptoms a person experiences will vary depending on certain factors, including:

  • What substance was being used
  • Whether an individual was using more than one substance
  • How long a substance was used
  • The amount a person used
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Family history
  • Physical health

However, most people experience flu-like symptoms during detox, including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweats and chills, body shakes, and fevers. Others may experience panic symptoms such as heart racing and increased blood pressure. Due to these symptoms, detoxing at home can be dangerous. In a professional detox facility, these symptoms are monitored 24/7, and medications are administered to ensure a person’s safety and pain are managed.

Beyond the medical reasons for needing supervision during detox, attempting to detox independently often leads to relapse. This is because individuals often will return to drugs or alcohol to ease their discomfort. Starting the recovery process with support is crucial to long-term success in sobriety.

Detoxing at Destiny Recovery Center

Whether assistance during detox is someone ensuring hydration, medication to alleviate some of the symptoms of detox, or even just making sure they keep warm with extra blankets, having supervision is critical in this phase of treatment and recovery. Detox is part of the process and is the very beginning of the rest of an individual’s recovery journey.

Attending a treatment program like Destiny Recovery Center allows someone to detox and then continue with inpatient treatment within the same healthy environment. At Destiny Recovery Center, we offer a safe and comfortable detox experience with 24/7 medical supervision. Our goal is to manage uncomfortable symptoms so clients can get through this phase of treatment safely.

A Community of Support

Being supported by someone who understands the symptoms of withdrawal, and can relate to those going through detox, makes the process a little more bearable. Individuals going through withdrawal can start to feel a connection to the recovery community as they are welcomed into the process.

Having someone who can identify a person’s individual needs and offer solutions or remedies to lessen the intensity of withdrawals is beneficial. However, when someone attempts to detox at home, they do not have access to medical interventions if necessary. Detoxing in a professional facility with a community of support is crucial to successful recovery.

As a person goes through detox, their mind might try to continue to fight sobriety. They may feel like it will never end and start feeling hopeless. However, when detoxing at Destiny Recovery Center, individuals can find hope through our staff and evidence-based treatment approaches. Detox can set the stage for excitement for their future.

Deciding to stop using drugs or alcohol is a significant decision. However, before the work of recovery truly begins, detox must take place. Attempting to detox at home can be incredibly dangerous, as withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening. At Destiny Recovery Center, we provide a detox environment with 24/7 staff. We can monitor your withdrawal symptoms and provide medications as necessary to alleviate discomfort. Our safe and comfortable environment can help set the stage for the rest of your treatment and recovery journey. Our medical staff is highly trained and ready to help you get through this phase of treatment. Call Destiny Recovery Center today at (909) 413-4304 to learn more about our program.