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What is the Importance of Spirituality in Recovery?

What is the Importance of Spirituality in Recovery?

What is the Importance of Spirituality in Recovery?

If you are one of the millions of American youth and adults with a substance use disorder who is ready to get sober, know that you are not alone. More than 22 million people across the nation live with the physical and emotional symptoms of addiction. Addiction is a disease, but unlike some similar chronic conditions, drug and alcohol addiction symptoms do not present in the same way from person to person. Because addiction looks different from person to person (and substance to substance), the journey to recovery will also differ.

Everyone who seeks help to overcome addiction has different needs as they embark on their journey to sobriety. For some, seeking help at a rehab that focuses on the spiritual elements of addiction recovery can help you better achieve your sobriety goals. But what is a spiritual rehab, and how can spirituality help in addiction recovery?


How Can Spirituality Be a Factor in Addiction Recovery?

It is not uncommon for those of strong faith to be notably hard on themselves when living with addiction. Some may feel their inability to stop drinking or using drugs disappoints the higher power in which they believe. Others may feel the challenges that stem from ongoing addiction, such as health problems or family relationship difficulties, are a “punishment” for succumbing to the power of addiction. Fortunately, rehab centers like Destiny Recovery Center can provide spiritual addiction treatment programs that heal the soul, as well as the mind and body.

Spiritual rehab centers can help clients focus on helping you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety from a spiritual perspective. At Destiny Recovery Center, our Southern California addiction treatment programs can focus on the spiritual elements of healing from addiction and engaging with strong peer support. We understand that your relationship with a higher power is a vital component for some in recovery.


What is the Importance of Spirituality in Recovery?

Following a spiritual path encourages honesty, which is often a challenge when struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Spirituality is essential in addiction treatment because it provides something else to focus on besides drinking or using drugs. A spiritual rehab center in Redlands, like Destiny Recovery Center, helps you learn and practice the tools needed to cope with the struggles of day-to-day life without turning to substances.

A spiritual treatment focus also provides the opportunity to repair relationships that may have suffered due to addiction. Addiction often forces an addict to see their loved ones differently. They are a source of money to buy substances or that person who continually tells you that you need to get help. At a spiritual rehab, you will learn how to reconnect with loved ones you may have distanced yourself from and how to heal broken relationships.

Finally, spirituality helps you see how you can grow and heal when drugs or alcohol are no longer in the picture. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, that is often the only thing on their mind. They become incapable of focusing on their mental or physical health. They cannot focus on other goals outside of getting and using drugs or alcohol. The treatment programs at a spiritual rehab center can help you learn how to renew your focus on healthy, safer pursuits.


How to Find Spiritual Rehab Options in Redlands, CA

If you or a loved one are ready to take your first steps on the journey to a future free from alcohol or drugs, don’t wait another day to reach out for help. Remember that addiction rehab is a very personal experience, and the support and guidance you need to achieve lasting sobriety will differ from those of someone else-even if your substance of choice is the same. If an inpatient rehab in San Bernardino County with a spiritual focus is an important element in your addiction recovery, contact us at Destiny Recovery Center today. An admissions team member is available to teach you more about our programs and how spirituality in addiction recovery can help you heal.

Destiny Recovery Center is not a faith-based treatment program; we believe in individualized treatment to fit the needs of the client. That may mean embracing spirituality for one person, while another’s program would focus on secular, evidence-based practices. Your recovery is our mission.