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How Does Destiny Recovery Center Involve Family in Treatment?

How Does Destiny Recovery Center Involve Family in Treatment?

How Does Destiny Recovery Center Involve Family in Treatment?

It can be difficult to leave friends and family behind, and having a treatment facility lined up that you can connect with is crucial. Destiny Recovery Center (DRC) is an intimate facility with a boutique feel. We have created a safe and secluded environment where our clients can focus on themselves. While in our care, we encourage our clients to focus on healing the root of their addiction. We also help them develop coping skills they will need for future success in sobriety.

Our treatment program focuses on treating each client as the unique, wonderful individual they are. We believe that treatment should never be approached with the idea that the same thing will work for everyone. DRC meets all clients where they are and provides client-centered care. 

Often, our clients need or want to include their families in their treatment and recovery journey. We are prepared to find ways to fully support them in this. We understand that family support is an essential factor in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). 

Importance of Support for Recovery

Family involvement in treatment and recovery can make a big difference. A person seeking treatment or committing to a sober lifestyle needs relationships that they can count on. Family members are in a unique position to offer kindness, compassion, and patience. They can also help their loved ones by supporting changes in lifestyle and social activities. 

Addiction is often called a family disease because it can influence all the relationships surrounding substance use. There is often damage that needs to be addressed and healed as a person goes through the recovery process. Family therapy can be critical in helping everyone communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and develop plans for the future.

Common Family Therapy Focuses

Family therapy is designed to focus on the relationships between individuals, but it can also help each individual process their experiences. With the help of a therapist, families can begin to examine how SUD has negatively affected everyone’s ability to interact. Then, the family can work together and individually to become closer and function in healthy ways. 

It is important that each family member feels safe to express themselves. Everyone should feel validated in their feelings about their experiences. During family therapy, everyone can work together to create a safe space. 

Destiny Recovery Center’s Family Involvement

Typically, when you enter our treatment program, there is a “blackout period” during which contact with friends and family outside of treatment is not allowed. During detoxification and stabilization, it is important that you take the time to focus on yourself. You will have the opportunity to address your own physical and mental health needs without any distractions. Our goal is to get you to a point where you can begin building healthier routines and developing the skills you will need to thrive.  

We know that you have friends and family members that care about you and want to be supportive of you. It is also important to be mindful of the fact that there are probably relationships in your life that will not be supportive of your progression in recovery. During the early stages of treatment, we don’t want anything to take your focus away from your own growth and healing. 

Individual therapy is an important part of our treatment program. By working with your therapist and clinical team, you can determine which relationships in your life are going to help you on your path to sobriety. It is crucial to understand how much of an impact your social and family connections can have on your success. Then you can decide for yourself who you want to include in your recovery process.  

Gradual and Safe Involvement of Family Members

Your therapist will work with you to determine which relationships you want to work on and which individuals you want to involve. The first step will be a family session with these people, your therapist or clinical team, and yourself. This family session will give everyone a chance to become familiar with the therapy process and demonstrate typical family interactions. Once this initial session has taken place, you will work with your clinical team to make a plan about family involvement moving forward, including visits and further family therapy sessions. 

Destiny Recovery Center’s Approach to Treatment

At DRC, it is our goal to make sure you feel welcome and supported. Our facility provides a home-like environment, and our staff will treat you like family. One of the core foundations of our program is going above and beyond for each of our clients. We are invested in your success in treatment. 

When you enter our facility, your treatment plan will truly be individualized to your unique needs and interests. This includes the involvement of your family members in your recovery process. We will work with you to find the best evidence-based therapies to treat your SUD. You will also have individualized opportunities for recreational activities, volunteering options, and other outings. It is our goal for you to have a truly customized experience with us. 

Part of this customized experience is making sure you feel supported when it comes to your relationships with your family members. We can assist you with developing the communication skills you will need to help them become more educated about your addiction and recovery, facilitate visits or therapy sessions, and do anything else you may need. 

When entering treatment, it is vital that you take the time to focus on yourself and your own personal growth. At Destiny Recovery Center, we are committed to creating a comfortable and safe place for you to do just that. Our small facility will feel like a home away from home, and we will work with you to create a truly unique and individual treatment plan. This includes providing support for you in your relationships. Whether you need help developing communication skills or figuring out boundaries, Destiny Recovery Center will provide all the support you need. Call (909) 413-4304 for more information on our unique approach to substance use disorder treatment and recovery.