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We Want to Love You Until You Love Yourself

We Want to Love You Until You Love Yourself

We Want to Love You Until You Love Yourself

It doesn’t take long for someone to lose their sense of self in the midst of substance use disorder (SUD). Everything else in life can get pushed aside in favor of the next drink or the next high. They are constantly searching for a feeling that will never be found. In the midst of the obsession, health can fly by the wayside, loved ones can be pushed away, and responsibilities can be neglected.

Eventually, some might feel like there is not a lot left to look forward to, and feelings of hopelessness start to take over. Others may start feeling a sense of dread. It is critical at this point to ensure hope is interjected somehow. Recovery is only possible when love enters the equation.

Losing Self-Love During Addiction

It is easy to lose one’s sense of self when their focus is so locked on something else. Sadly, love for oneself is especially at risk. Many negative thoughts and self-talk patterns occur when someone struggles with SUD.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) discusses how people in active addiction lose self-love as well as the importance of relationships in recovery and aftercare. Struggling with self-esteem, self-confidence, health, and hygiene is common during one’s time in active addiction. Luckily, it does get better. In recovery, self-love can be re-established.

Love at Destiny Recovery Center

Learning to love oneself again usually comes naturally through the process of recovery. Usually though, especially in the beginning, people need a little extra support and love. At Destiny Recovery Center (DRC) we strive to provide love and support in a variety of ways. From the atmosphere to the food, the staff to the other residents, and the regular meetings to the outdoor ventures, clients feel a sense of inclusion and love. We want to love you until you love yourself. This is something unique to DRC. It is what makes it such a truly special place.

Key Features That Reveal Love

DRC focuses on loving you until you love yourself. We believe this is a powerful way to support those entering recovery. For someone who feels like recovery is impossible or intimidating, the assurance that our center is a place of love can break down barriers. Below are a few ways we make sure love is a top value in our treatment.


DRC is placed in an area with beautiful surroundings. This allows for a multitude of outings in nature, which encourage self-reflection and serenity. From walks on the beach to hikes in the mountains, majestic scenery is all around. Having time to be in touch with nature throughout treatment supports love and gratitude for the experience. With time, these values can become internalized.

The atmosphere in the treatment center is intimate, allowing for dear friendships, meetings and therapies in small personalized groups, and sharing meals in a home-like setting. This promotes residents’ confidence in sharing and feeling included, appreciated, and loved. Having a cozy setting allows residents to be at ease, feel comfortable, and grow with each other.

Staff-to-Client Ratio

One of the greatest features of DRC is the number of members on staff compared to the number of residents at any given time. Our rooms are semi-private and our staff is always around. This allows for quiet reflection time, one-on-one conversations, and lifelong connections.

A small residency also allows for the most individualized care. At DRC, our center is a home away from home. At any time, one might witness residents and staff enjoying a snack in the dining room, or having a break outside in the gazebo. A few residents may enjoy reading or having a discussion in the living area. Because we only have a few clients at a time and a robust staff, each client gets personalized attention and care. This is part of how we show love and care.

Why Love Is Important in Recovery

Some people may wonder why is love such a crucial aspect of successful recovery. Unfortunately, a lot of love is lost when someone struggles with SUD. Those who abuse substances have a tendency to push those around them away. They learn to protect themselves by creating walls and guarding their hearts against possible hurt.

The more they stop allowing others to love them, the more they stop trusting and loving themselves. When entering recovery, love is lacking in their life. For recovery to work long-term, love needs to be present, felt, and owned. Some people find this aspect of recovery hard work. Being in a setting where one’s focus is love is a foundation that many need.

DRC offers a program that will immediately make residents feel included and loved. Gradually the program can give the resident the skills to rebuild their self-worth and self-love so that they may maintain these habits or principles on their own. This can help the resident continue their journey with additional tools for sobriety. They will also be able to share these with others along their journey which can in turn support their own continued achievement.

Having a balance of professionalism while also being nurturing is something Destiny Recovery Center excels at. Our motto, “We Want to Love you Until You Love Yourself” is demonstrated throughout our treatment environment and program. The unique warm and cozy setting will make clients feel at home. Our staff understands how to not only meet the needs of clients but also encourage self-esteem building and support accountability. We will welcome clients by being approachable, caring, and non-judgmental. Being able to relate to clients’ experiences allows clients to feel understood and appreciated. To see if Destiny Recovery Center could be the right fit for you, call us today at (909) 413-4304.