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What to Expect From Destiny Recovery Center

What to Expect From Destiny Recovery Center

What to Expect From Destiny Recovery Center

When someone is starting something new, making a dramatic life change, even when it is for the better, it can be scary. Feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or uneasiness, and not knowing what to expect are all common. Whether someone is entering detox or a residential treatment program, there may be some hesitation along with the excitement for a new start. However, going somewhere that is known for its comforts of home, down-to-earth atmosphere, and smaller group size will ensure the sense of apprehensiveness will soon disappear.

Individualized Treatment at Destiny Recovery Center

Destiny Recovery Center is dedicated to our client’s success in recovery. From day one, we will get to know the individual and their needs and goals. Their treatment plan will be created based on the needs and interests of the client.

Including a client’s input, rather than a prepared plan each person must complete, is not offered at most treatment facilities. However, Destiny Recovery Center provides various opportunities for people to create an individualized treatment plan, including:

  • Various therapies
  • Adventures and outings
  • Customized menu options
  • Regard for health concerns
  • Respect for religious backgrounds

Providing Specialized Treatment

Destiny Recovery Center also offers specialized treatment for first responders, military veterans, and the LGBTQ community. Our program also focuses on the specialized needs of men and women. We provide therapies and resources focused on the needs of these distinct groups.

Each of these unique communities faces its own experiences and struggles. Military veterans, for example, will have vastly different backgrounds and inner battles than a first responder whose career ended early due to injuries from a natural disaster. A woman who is recovering from a domestic abuse situation alongside her substance use disorder (SUD) will have different needs than a man who is working with mental health concerns during his recovery.

Learning tools and strategies and having support that is targeted for these groups facilitates and embraces long-term sobriety success.

Day in the Life at Destiny Recovery Center

A typical day at Destiny Recovery Center may include individual, family, or group therapy sessions. Family sessions are offered on a case-by-case basis. They are offered only if the individual therapist and case manager see this as a beneficial addition to the client’s treatment plan.

Unique activities, such as hiking, yoga, meditation, walking the coastline, or even surfing, are also offered. Music therapy, art therapy, life-skills training, relapse prevention, mindfulness, and meditation are all woven throughout the weekly schedule. Destiny Recovery Center has a family-style sitting room perfect for downtime and meditation. You might find someone reading or journaling in this cozy space. The outdoor patio area is also a common spot to find impromptu fellowship occurring.

A Good Night’s Rest

Comfortable, private to semi-private rooms are offered, with a maximum of two clients per room. This depends on the current number of residents in the program. All rooms include one to two full-size beds to ensure a good night’s rest. Many in addiction have struggled with sleep issues, lack of, or interrupted sleep patterns. Destiny Recovery Center promotes healthy sleep settings and routines to support recovery.

Prioritizing Health and Wellness

It is relatively common for malnutrition to be an issue for those living with SUD. When priorities are focused on the substance rather than food and nourishing the body, most choose the substance. Therefore, bodies lack major vitamins and healthy eating habits.

Destiny Recovery Center provides three delicious meals based on the client’s nutritional needs and preferences. Unlimited snacks and drinks are available as well to promote a continued focus on health. Additional resources are available as needed, such as a nutritionist, vitamins, alternative interventions, or supplements.

Physical fitness is also supported throughout the program to ensure the whole body is healing and recovering. Many options are available to help clients continue to stay active during treatment. Regardless of an individual’s current fitness status, activities are available to meet the needs of various interests and fitness levels. This will be discussed and addressed in the client’s treatment plan.

Aftercare With Destiny Recovery Center

The executive director at Destiny Recovery Center will locate an aftercare program that fits the needs of the client once they complete treatment with us. Near the end of their residential treatment stay, the client will tour a few facilities to compare their options. This will include the executive director and case manager so that all are working together to make the most prepared decision for the client.

Many clients leave Destiny Recovery Center with a strong connection to those they have gotten to know and worked with throughout their program. Alumni often keep in touch with staff at Destiny Recovery Center and return for gatherings to share their experiences with current clients. These life-long connections support continued sobriety and have created a foundation for future success.

Previous clients often refer to Destiny Recovery Center as family. Comfortable, inclusive, peaceful, connected to nature, life-changing, and hopeful are all descriptions of Destiny Recovery Center made by previous residents. If you or someone you know is struggling with SUD, reach out today to see if Destiny Recovery Center is the right fit for you.

At Destiny Recovery Center you will find a quaint atmosphere that feels like home. You will be welcomed by warm staff who genuinely care about your individual needs and will do their best to make you feel comfortable and supported. Clients will have the opportunity to meet others in recovery, enjoy fellowship, and find serenity. Multiple modes of therapy, a variety of exciting activities both indoors and out in nature, individual and group sessions, and delicious food, will all be available throughout your day. In the evening, you will have a comfortable and peaceful setting to unwind and rest. Reach out to Destiny Recovery Center today at (909) 413-4304 to schedule a tour.