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Power of Connection to Stay Sober

Power of Connection to Stay Sober

Power of Connection to Stay Sober

A woman wanders the streets alone, hands full of her belongings, nowhere to go, and no one thinking of her. She has cut all ties, or they have been cut from her. Any family she had, has long ago distanced themselves from her.

A man wanders these same streets, with his hands holding all he owns, with nowhere to go. However, the man knows, somewhere out there, is his friend. He knows his friend, mentor, and sponsor will be looking for him this evening at the meeting. They will wonder where he is if he doesn’t show up.

The man feels a sense of obligation to his friend and doesn’t want to let him down. He looks forward to the hot cup of coffee and the conversations. The tables are scattered with people he will eventually come to trust and the smiles that greet him when he walks into the room. These are his people. This is his most vital connection.

Connection Comes in Many Forms

A connection is a relationship between two people and can be positive or negative. For example, the connection someone has to an abusive ex-spouse would be negative. However, the relationship they have with their mentor is positive.

A connection can also be amongst many people or even to a place, a setting, an experience, or an activity. Someone could have a deep association with a local group, the gym, running, or a particular song. Any of these can provide a sense of reciprocity for someone.

The Power of Connection

It is said that it takes only one strong connection with an adult to change the whole life course of a child. Likewise, the same is said for someone in recovery. Having at least one vital connection can be the answer to ensure their continued sobriety.

If someone in recovery is struggling, the impact one strong, positive relationship can have on their success is incredible. Knowing they belong somewhere and that someone cares about them is what makes them human. Understanding that they can depend on someone and that someone depends on them is a great change from the connections they have had before. Even if it is just someone expecting another person to call or be somewhere on time, connection plays a crucial role in sobriety.

Individuals in recovery can also come to depend on something greater than themselves, a Higher Power, which can be an infinite number of things. This is also considered a powerful connection and is often the driving force for many in their recovery.

How Connection Helps You Stay Sober

What does connection have to do with sobriety? The connections made in sobriety form a network, a family, and a sense of belonging. For many, this is their first time feeling welcomed, supported, and understood by others.

Often, a person comes into recovery completely alone. Or at least feeling alone. However, in recovery, they finally start meeting others who are just like them, who think like them, and who have the same issues and experiences. They start to recognize kindred spirits.

This sense of belonging and connection to others makes sobriety more of a priority. An individual may want to continue to stay sober, not only for themselves, but so they can continue feeling connected to these people whom they have bonded with. The sense of family has now become a safe place for them, and they don’t want to risk losing that.

Forming Connections at Destiny Recovery Center

At Destiny Recovery Center, building and maintaining connections is part of what makes our program so successful. A safe and comfortable environment has been established that nurtures forming of these positive relationships. While some people may struggle in creating and maintaining connections with others, Destiny Recovery Center’s knowledgeable staff is prepared to assist clients with mastering this critical skill.

Our team works on supporting and strengthening connections among clients through group work, nature hikes, involvement in the community, escape rooms, and equine therapy. Art therapy, breathwork, physical fitness, yoga, and mindfulness therapies are offered.

Our programs promote forming connections with a Higher Power and others in recovery. This creates a strong foundation for those in early recovery and tools for them to use to develop and maintain new connections throughout their journey. Destiny Recovery Center understands and embraces the power of connection for success in recovery. Here life-long connections with those in the recovery community will be created.

Learning to be accountable to those they form relationships with and beginning to trust others will be practiced. Working on these skills in a safe environment will help to gain confidence again. By having many opportunities to try different strategies, Destiny Recovery Center will help find what works best for each client.

Creating powerful connections is one of the most vital relapse prevention strategies for those in recovery. Feeling a sense of belonging to a group and being included and supported within that group ensures a sense of commitment to recovery. Destiny Recovery Center provides a safe place to learn how to make lasting connections that will support the success of recovery. Our staff will monitor and model respectful relationships. Opportunities to work with the team individually, as well as in groups, completing various team-building exercises will promote success in making positive rapport with others. For more information on the power of connection in recovery, call Destiny Recovery Center today at (909) 413-4304. We are ready to help you heal.